10 Pairs of Inexpensive Running Shoes for Beginners.

The cost of top models of running shoes from famous brands can reach $ 200 and I well understand that people who are just trying to run do not want to spend a lot of money on running shoes.

How to save on running shoes (and is it worth it?)

There are several ways to save money:

Buy sneakers out of season Buy sneakers on stocks (but there are nuances with this) Buy sneakers of not very popular brands (there are also nuances with this)

When buying sneakers from stocks, I highly recommend checking their value on the Internet (on the websites of the official brand, in particular).

Somehow in the middle of spring, I bought a winter Adidas for $ 60 hryvnia from an authorized dealer’s store. In the same year, only in the fall, I found the same sneakers (even the same color) for $ 150 in one well-known chain of stores, although it was a collection of last year.

If we are talking about buying sneakers from non-top brands or old collections, then you should not worry about the lack of technology in such sneakers. In most basic models, the base (outsole) will be made of the same materials as those of the promoted companies.

It may not have the most technologically advanced fancy foams and carbon plates, but if you’re just starting out and don’t aim to run a few hundred kilometers a month, that’s not that important. I recommend that you read the post on sneaker architecture to get an idea of ​​what they are made of.

The extremes in the form of Chinese no-name sneakers for $ 20 are also not the best option.

Buying non-running shoes puts your comfort and possibly your health at risk. Discomfort and injury will be a great reason not to 10 лучших чехлов для Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Android Central, run again.

Look for sneakers from the brand that you hear, but not from the most recent collection.

Buy what is comfortable for you and what looks cool. In my humble opinion, these are the key factors when choosing a sneaker for beginners 🙂

An inexpensive running shoe for beginners.

ASICS Jolt 3.